Why does mold industry occupy the basic position of industry?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2012-06-15 10:59:53 Hits: 1353

  Mold is the modern industry, especially in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, electrical equipment, instrument, equipment, weapons, daily necessities and indispensable process equipment, the production of the industrial sector with 80%-90% of the components is depend on the molds. Mould technology directly restricts the development of manufacturing industry, products renewal ability and competition ability.

  The mould industry driven ratio of about 1:100, namely mould development 100 million yuan, can drive the related industries, 10 billion yuan. According to the proportion computation, 2011 China mold and die industry driven output value is as high as 13 trillion yuan or more, so drive ability to mold industry of modern industrial foundation status.

  This is Japan mold industry in the face of Chinese counterpart’s competition confident at all. In the competition with China mold enterprise, the Japanese enterprise spares no effort to enhance their high-end mold domain competitive advantage.