What is the good development situation of mold industry?

Source: shaoqun Release Date: 2012-01-13 16:43:01 Hits: 1332
  First, the strict control of the outflow may be part of the intellectual property; such as personally maintain the products around the world, to avoid drawing the user may bring the risk of technology leakage.
  Second, to China and Southeast Asia regions with cheap labor, enhanced through the use of local labor cost competitiveness of the Japanese mold.
  The upper mold industry involves two main industries, namely, material and mold tooling. The same area as the materials, tools in the field of mold, China mold enterprise's external dependence is also very serious. China plastic mold is low level of production technology and equipment in recent years, the demand for advanced processing tools is very urgent.
  Mold industry output value of fixed assets investment and mold growth ratio in the industry average of 1:1.2; if the mold industry sales increase of 400 billion yuan, also means that the demand for mold processing equipment reached 500 billion yuan.
  It is worth mentioning that this demand will go on forever. As Japan is the most important mold tool producers, so the revitalization of China's mold industry to bring these Japanese companies is also considerable benefits.