What is the important role of plastic mold in whole industry?

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  Need to import more than 80% of the internal combustion engine in the high-power high-speed machine, petrochemical machinery, high-power valve and the reactor need to import more than 60 percent, more than the plastic mold95% of the machine tool in the need to import 90% of the basic parts of the high-pressure hydraulic pump above need to import. Higher import dependence of the import substitution provided a great deal of space.

  The high-end equipment manufacturing competitiveness has been greatly improved. Three decades of reform and opening up, our basic manufacturing technology and management level has made significant progress, provided the conditions for the progress of China's high-end equipment manufacturing, China has been in plastic mold, a large petrochemical equipment, engineering machinery, import substitution of heavy mining machinery and other fields have achieved a major breakthrough, many products began to enter the stage of rapid growth in import substitution.