Why do different working characteristics exist in different kind’s plastic molds?

Source: Release Date: 2012-06-15 10:55:07 Hits: 1253

  Cold-working plastic mold instead of the traditional process of high-grade materials in high-carbon-carbon steel, low alloy steel or cast iron by laser phase transformation strengthening, there is a wide range of technical applications of space.

  Although widely used in high-alloy steel cold-working die alloy carbides unique wear-resistant effect, but the laser phase transformation strengthening its dispersion strengthening, distortion strengthen the processing and heat treatment process without oxidation decarburization and other strong layer can compensate for the wear effect of high-alloy steel alloy carbides.

  Hot for the plastic mold material in addition to the requirements of strength, toughness, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and bite resistance performance, the red hardness and resistance to tempering properties have special requirements. Mold manufacturing technology and laser cladding can make carbon steel, low alloy steel or cast iron is resistant to high temperatures.