Do you know the remanufacturing technique of plastic mold?

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  Strengthen the potential of the cast iron plastic mold depends on the matrix structure is pearlitic. If there are too many ferritic matrix structure, will reduce the hardening of the material, cast iron mold material substitution to improve the strengthening potential. National standards, nodular cast iron needs by QT600 above. Vermicular graphite cast iron need to choose the RT380 or more, gray cast iron needs by HT200 above. Currently on the market there are a lot HT150 molding these molds phase transformation strengthening ineffective.
  Alloy laser cladding specific gear or plastic mold damaged or defective parts to form a good metallurgical bond with the matrix metal material, this repair process is not only to repair gear or mold morphology, but also increase repair parts of the performance is an enhanced repair. This has been used for the gear and mold remediation laser cladding is called the gear or mold manufacturing technology.