What are the advantages of using standard component in making mold?

Source: Release Date: 2012-02-23 11:05:21 Hits: 1478
  Plastic mold standard parts are an important part of the mold, the mold basis. It to shorten the mold design and manufacturing cycles, reduced mold production costs and improve the quality of the mold has a very important economic significance.
  Foreign industrial countries experience has shown that specialized production and commercialization of supply of the standard mold, which greatly promoted the development of mold industry.
  According to data from abroad, widely used standards can shorten the design and manufacture cycle of 25-40%; savings due to user-made standard parts caused by the social working hours, reducing the waste of raw materials and energy; for mold CAD / CAM and modern technology the application of foundation; can significantly improve plastic mold manufacturing precision and performance.