What are the reasons of our mold industry develop rapidly?

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  With the rapid development of China's plastic mold industry in recent years, standardization, specialization and commercialization of the mold parts with a high level, has made considerable progress. Since the national mold Standardization Technical Committee was established in 1983, the organization experts on mold standard formulation, revision and review, issued a total of 90 standard, Standard 22 of them die, plastic mold standard more than 20.
  Usually specialized production standards will be at least an order of magnitude, and to ensure interchangeability with the accuracy and positional accuracy than the self-made standard, improve the life of the mold, thus contributing to the economic system of intra-industry, operating mechanism and the industrial structure and production management reform to achieve specialization and large-scale production, and promote the formation and development of mold standard parts of the commodity market. It can be said that there is no specialization and commercialization of mold standard parts, there is no mold industrial modernization.