How to shorten the gap between developed country and China in making mold?

Source: Release Date: 2012-06-15 10:53:27 Hits: 1256

  Degree of standardization of China's plastic mold and application level is still relatively low, optimistically estimated that less than 30%, compared with foreign industrial countries (70-80%), there is a big gap. Manufacture increases every year, but most are small, outdated equipment, backward technology, high cost, low cost-effectiveness.

  Ordinary small and medium-sized standard die and plastic mold, guide posts, guide sleeve, putting, die springs, pneumatic components and other products, the higher the degree of commercialization, and can basically meet the domestic needs of the market, and some exports.

  Those technical content, advanced structure, excellent performance, quality, replace the convenience of personalized products, such as ball-lock quick-change punch and fixed panels, the solid lubricating guides and the guide sleeve, agencies of the wedge and its components very little high-grade plastic mold standard parts and nitrogen main spring in the domestic manufacturers, and because of lack of funds and technical transformation projects difficult to implement, low productivity, and long lead times, supply and demand have become increasingly prominent. Therefore, each year still need to be imported from abroad a considerable amount of mold standard parts; their costs are around 3-8% of the total import value of mold.