Why car market is the largest for mold production?

Source: Release Date: 2012-02-24 16:28:51 Hits: 1275
  Automobile, motorcycle industry is the largest market of the plastic mold, household appliances, electronic communications, construction equipment, instrumentation, plastics and rubber industries have considerable mold market. From the long-term development perspective, China's mold industry will be accompanied by the era of knowledge-based economy undergoing profound change, the typification of the mold structure, parts standardization, standardization of specialized production and commercialization of supply, but also the future development of an inevitable trend.
  With the increasingly widespread application of mold standard parts, in a market economy in the future mold standard parts will certainly become a very active and high-speed development of products, Luo Baihui confident that the prospects for the development of mold standard parts industry is very optimistic and beautiful.
  Die degree of standardization and application of standards to measure an important indicator of the level of mold industry. The plastic mold is dedicated forming tool products, personalized, but also industrial products, the standardization work is very important.