Plastic mold material impact on the die life type of material

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  Plastic mold material impact on the die life type of material, chemical composition, structure, hardness and metallurgical quality of a comprehensive reflection of various Gangsuo. Die life of different materials are often different. To this end, the work of parts and materials for the die to put forward two basic requirements: ① the use of materials properties should have high hardness (58 ~ 64HRC) and high-strength and high wear resistance and sufficient toughness, heat distortion is small, have a certain thermal hard; ② process with good performance. Die working parts manufacturing process is generally more complex. And therefore must have a variety of processing technology on the adaptability

  Such as the malleable nature may be cutting nature of hardened nature of hardenability, quenching sensitivity and grinding cracks and so on. Usually based on the material properties of stampings, production volume, precision requirements, choose the good performance of the mold material, taking into account its technology and economy.

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