How about the popular plastic mold used in the mobile phone?

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  The Ava Karen comes in two color options: black or dark brown. Each fold of this case/wallet hybrid is designed for a specific purpose—when opened, the far-right fold has a raised plastic mold that your iPhone snaps into; the middle fold contains two card slots and one larger pocket (for more cards or folded cash); and the left section has a snap to keep the wallet securely closed.

  The Ava Karen is attractive enough—certainly as nice as faux leather can be—and the lining is soft and pleasant to the touch. The plastic part that actually holds the iPhone is very basic, Plastic mold,with wide openings on the top and bottom edges for the ports and buttons, a side cut-out for the Ring/Silent switch, and individual cut-outs for the volume buttons.

  I get what the case is trying to do, but it just doesn’t succeed on any level. As a wallet, it’s too small. I put just seven cards in the wallet (two in the slots and five in the other section) and I could barely snap it closed. When you consider the cards you use on a regular basis—your driver’s license, credit and debit cards,Plastic mold, insurance cards, frequent buyer cards, etc—room for seven cards isn’t asking too much of a wallet. Plus, filling this space with cards takes away room for cash.

  But how is it as a case? The one good thing I can say about it is that the edges of the plastic come up just over the screen’s edge. So, if you dropped the iPhone while the wallet was open, you have some protection there, Plastic mold,although the case does not come with a protective screen film. Of course, if the wallet is snapped shut, the phone seems quite protected.